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Other Useful Resources

Australia's most comprehensive online doula directory so that pregnant women have choice when it comes to finding the right childbirth support partner.
If you are looking to find a doula to support you and your partner through the birth of your baby, you've found the right place. If you are a doula who would like to make your childbirth support services known to pregnant women in your area, you have found the right place.
A doula offers unbiased information, physical and emotional support during pregnancy, childbirth and in the postnatal period.

Birth Matters is the premier site for pregnancy and birth information for South Australia.
The Birth Matters group is a not-for-profit birth information and support group established ten years ago in Adelaide (1999). It aims to provide good information to prospective parents and new parents to enable them to make genuinely informed choices regarding their pregnancy and birth care and choices.
Birth Matters is run on a voluntary basis by people who believe that birth can be experienced as a enjoyable, satisfying and momentous life event. They hope to inspire others by providing a forum for sharing positive birth stories and providing books, videos/DVDs, statistics, and other support materials about pregnancy and birth in Australia. It is hoped that this will help to dispel much of the fear about birth that can erode people's confidence.
We also welcome health practitioners and students to our monthly information sessions and public seminars to hear birth stories and listen to what consumers want from their birth experience.


Breastfeeding & Parenting:

Recommended Websites

Pregnancy & Birth Resources

Lullaby Conceptions (Fertility & Pregnancy):  http://www.lullabyconceptions.com

Bookstore: http://www.capersbookstore.com.au/                 

Education: http://www.birthinternational.com.au/index.html

Foetal Positioning: http://www.spinningbabies.com/

Dr Sarah J Buckley:  http://www.sarahjbuckley.com/index.html#

Jenny Blythe: http://www.birthwork.com

Sheila Kitzinger:  http://www.sheilakitzinger.com/

Water birth Video I have available: http://www.waterbirthinfo.com/

Homebirth & Birth Supplies

Homebirth Network SA:  http://www.homebirthsa.org.au

A Midwife Mutiny (Lisa’s Entertaining & Informative Blog): http://www.homebirth.net.au/

Products: http://www.simplybirth.com.au

Consumer Groups

SA Birth Matters:  http://www.sabirthmatters.org.au/

CARES (Caesarean Awareness Recovery Education Support SA):  http://users.picknowl.com.au/~caressa/

Midwives & Midwifery

Midwives Archives:  http://gentlebirth.org/archives/

Midwifery Articles/News: http://www.midwiferytoday.com/

Birthing Community/Training: http://www.womenofspirit.asn.au/

Doula Websites




Conscious Parenting Group SA:  http://www.futurefamilies.com.au/

Pinky McKay:  http://www.pinky-mychild.com/

Dr Sarah J Buckley:  http://www.sarahjbuckley.com/index.html#


Australian Breastfeeding Association – ABA:   http://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/

American Site with Great Info on Breastfeeding & Parenting: http://www.kellymom.com/

Buying for Baby

Local/Online SA Natural Baby Shop: http://www.rainbowtree.com.au/  and  http://www.naturescradle.com.au/

National/Online Natural Baby Store: http://www.natureschild.com.au/

Best Ever Australian Photographer:  http://www.wildspiritphotography.com.au/


My Fave Nappy Stores and sites:


Leggings:  http://www.babylegs.com.au/  and  http://www.huggalugs.com.au/


Natural Parenting Magazine: http://www.kindredmedia.com.au/

Alternative Health Care

Pregnancy/Baby Chiropractor – Dr Simon Porteous:  http://www.paradechiropractic.com.au/


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